Diversifying Open Source

  • What is the aim of diversifying open source?

    We believe in the power of open source and we see the lack of diversity as a problem on so many levels. Over the last few years, lot of open source organizations and programs have been trying to bridge the gap. But we have realized that lot of the time people are not aware about these opportunities. Also, many times people from underrepresented groups tend to lack the proper community support because of various reasons. Via this meetup group, we aim to try building a supportive community for underrepresented groups to help them contribute in open source projects and talk about their work at open source conferences.

  • What do you mean when you say underrepresented people in open source?

    Statistics shows that women and non-binary people in open source are fairly underrepresented at the moment. So, we want to focus more on increasing contribution from women and LGBTQ people in open source. But we are open for exploring more groups and trying to help them as well.

  • Why Diversifying open source when there are already other leading women in tech groups?

    This is an experimental project and we want to run regular meetups every month for a year. Also, we don't want to restrict ourselves for specific projects. We aim to build a more inclusive, transparent and open community.

  • Who can attend meetups?

    We invite everyone who is an open source enthusiast and believes in diverse communities to attend the meetup. Although as our aim is to encourage more participation from underrepresented groups in open source, our speakers will be from the underrepresented groups only.

  • How can I be part of Diversifying open source?

    Keep an eye on this website and twitter for our meetup announcements and join us in one of our meetups.

  • Why not virtual meetups?

    One of the biggest draws of in-person meetups is the chance to network with other professionals in the industry and socialize with peers. Also, in the internet era, while we are doing everything online its good to meet sometimes to learn and grow together. :)